learn to play the ukulele - march series


learn to play the ukulele - march series


Bring a little tropical warmth to cold winter nights with the ukulele!

Learn how to play this wondrous four-stringed instrument in three, fun group lessons.  In our intimate (up to 5 strummers) class,  students will learn basic chords,  strumming methods, and finger skills.  By the end of the session, players will have the skills and music to play classic songs from legends like Bob Marley and the Beatles.  Please bring ukulele to class.

Kathleen Tracy is a composer, performer, and teacher.  When she's not playing the uke, she likes to write songs about the beauty and mystery of the world and to share her love of music and singing with others.


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time: March 7th, 14th and 21st - three consecutive Thursday evenings 7:00 - 7:45 p.m.

place: Class located in private home in Columbia City neighborhood, details given upon registration.

*Interested in private lessons or group lessons at another time?  Email info@fieldtripsociety.com and we'll get you strumming!

Payments for field trips and classes are non-refundable, though they may be transferred to another person (your new best friend!).  All sales are final.  If class is cancelled due to instructor illness or lack of enrollment, full refunds will be issued.