bitters 101 at sugarpill apothecary october 24th

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bitters 101 at sugarpill apothecary october 24th


Over centuries of human evolution, the taste of bitterness has been associated with that which is toxic.  That history, coupled with an abundance of sugar in our foods, has led to an absence of bitter flavors in the American diet. Yet bitterness is an essential part of our taste palate — one cannot taste true sweetness without its bitter counterpart.

In this fascinating class, we will learn about bitters: marvelous concoctions of herbs, citrus peels, fresh fruits, and spices.  We'll discuss their history, health benefits, and amazing ability to transform your cocktail (or favorite beverage) … taking it from good to extraordinary.  Students will have the opportunity to sample a variety of bitters and aromatics to discover their subtle, yet powerful influence.  Bonus: field trippers will go home with their own DIY bitters kit (just in time to make for holiday gifting)!  

Karyn Schwartz is an herbalist and owner of the beloved Sugarpill apothecary in Capitol Hill.  She has come a long way since her initial attempts at making ink from fermented chokeberries over 30 years ago.  Her enthusiasm for "all things herbal" is infectious and her knowledge invaluable, not to mention a voice that sounds like honey.   

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time:  Wednesday, October 24th  6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

place:  Sugarpill  900 E. Pine St. map

Payments for field trips and classes are non-refundable, though they may be transferred to another person (your new best friend!).  All sales are final.  If class is cancelled due to instructor illness or lack of enrollment, full refunds will be issued.